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Robby's lyrics have a way of speaking to people. For me; they always feed my heart, mind, and soul. His lyrics prove that he writes with passion from his heart and soul which makes his music real and relatable. Each and every song on the Voiceprints album has helped me through good times and bad. Get Me is my anthem, Dreamtime is my escape, Gone is my frustration, and Every Little Thing, in my opinion, is one of the best love songs of all time. Along with Robby's heartfelt lyrics his voice is simply amazing and his range shows throughout the CD. It would be a mistake for anyone not to buy this CD, it is that good! And, lastly if you ever get the chance to see him live....DO IT! You will leave the show entertained by Robby's high energy and astounding voice, completely wowed by the band backing him, and so pumped up that you will want to pop Voiceprints into your CD player for the car ride home so you can re-live the show...and that is a promise!

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This is a great CD!
This CD is so awesome. There are so many different styles so there's definately something for everyone. Definately pick it up. Great stuff!


I could listen over and over again.
Voiceprints is an amazing CD! After listening just one time I had several of the songs running through my head all day. It's been in my car CD player since the day I bought it, and I've listened at least 6 times already! You don't have to like just one style of music, because with this CD you get it all! Trust me, this CD is a MUST HAVE, RIGHT AWAY!

Dave Roberts

Robby at his best. You've got to see this guy live!
I'm diggin this album. Every song is a pleasure to listen to. "Breakup" is a solid opening song. Nice arrangement backing Robby's fluid voice. "Lover" stands out for the tight harmonies. "Get Me" is THE track on the album. A "for sure" hit. "Move on" has a nice Santana feel without the guitar. All of the cuts have a sparse, but sparkling production. I tend to prefer the feel Robby achieves of a live band backing him, instead of a bunch of "takes" of different musicians laying tracks. A very unified effort. We're out here listening Robby. Great Job. Can't wait till the next album.


LOVE IT U ROCK U can sing to me anything
I love the cd it is very soft rock, great to listen to
Robby your voice is awesome

Da Doctor J

Mr.Celestin has been known for his wide variety of music. But indeed Classic R&B is his forte. But the variety is what makes this CD great. All good tunes, but after listening over & over, the song Sweet Jenise is truly one for the radio waves. The arrangement totally stands out. As far as songs I can't get out of my head, Funny Blue Drinks. Rob, You are definetly Da Man !!


Booty-shakin', groove-makin', overall soul-satisfyin' album! Great work by an incredibly talented and energetic singer/performer. BUY IT!!!

John McAleer

Star Quality
Robby Celestin's original music is outstanding! It is really surprising that some of these wonderful tracks have not appeared on the national scene in movies or on the radio. I have also seen Robby perform in person several times, and his shows always are FANTASTIC.


very nice
I love Robby's voice. I really enjoyed hearing his music. He is super-talented and I wish him the best. My favorite songs are "Get Me" and "The Breakup".


I'm Impressed
A friend turned me on to the song "Sweet Jenise" and I just couldn't get enough of it. Talk about a solid, old school sound. This man made me KNOW that his woman was his Queen! And the whole cd works the same way. There's heart and passion behind this man's every riff. No one sings like they Mean It anymore. No one except this man. And I was surprised to see that he wrote all of his own material. His words are pretty tight. "The Way" made me laugh out loud and "DreamTime" almost made me cry. Pull out your Visa and take this one home.
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